i avoid the danger; i’m like a survivor; the mysterious you is dangerous to me; i’m sick of this mysterious game. don't ever tame me; don't ever tease me.
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When I was trying to download this screensaver from the Facebook post, I was extremely disappointed in the fact that I was unable to do so for almost three days straight. My disappointment increased when I couldn’t find an alternative link for the screensaver anywhere because everyone was linking back to Google Drive.

So after finally being able to get my hands on the screensaver, I decided to reupload it on my own and share it with everyone. Please reblog so that anyone can have it in case the download limit exceeds again. Thank you.

P.S. If the link doesn’t work, please leave an ask so that I may provide an alternative.

나를 떠나 보낸 그가 아직 너무 미워요 // (the one) who let me go, i still hate him so much

T.O.P’s Doom Dada MV Analysis

This MV was interesting to me for many reasons besides how handsome TOP looks and how comfortable he is in his scenes, compared to Turn It Up. I admit that I didn’t understand it at first beyond “wow he’s being really eccentric this time” and “wow this/that is so cool”. I don’t recall him ever talking about his song beyond the interviews stating that he was planning on releasing something new so most of my information from this analysis will be from Wikipedia and Google.

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"ah, it hasn’t started? but i think i’ve heard about this since a year ago, so it hasn’t started?" [trans]

throwback thursday: scandalous stage with lee hyori